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Beyaz arkaplan

Who am I ?

I was born in Istanbul in November 1963. Having an innate interest in drawing I left the high school and started working in advertisement agencies while also accepting commissions for illustrations. Later on, I finished high school as an external student and I was accepted by the Advertisement Graphics Department of Marmara University Applied Fine Arts Faculty, from which I graduated. I abandoned my post-graduate studies to establish a boutique advertisement agency together with a friend, which continued until about ten years ago. Since then I only did illustration works on commission without direct involvement in advertisement business. Meanwhile I drew three comic strips. About five years ago I decided to embark on an endeavour to express my thoughts with a philosophical approach in illustrative graphics style, resulting in the present series of paintings. Next year I intend to start the second series in the same style under the concept “Geometric reflections of the universes” hoping to hold a mirror to ourselves.

My works consist of 81 paintings in 12 themes. If I may briefly explain, my concept is “GEOMETRY, man’s self-created system of value and measurement”, or in another way of approach “Embodiment of values”.

Selected Exhibitions:
October 2023    Modern Art Masters in Complex du Louvre Paris, France
11 March - 16 April 2023    Arte Laguna Prize Venezia, Italy
4-5 November 2022    Barcelona International Art Fair, Spain
June 2022    Basel Biennial, Switzerland
2019    Florance Biennial, Italy

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