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About The Participation of Artexpo Art Fair and Finalist Certificate

Dear Mehmet,

I am happy to inform you that you were one of the finalists in the latest Artavita Contest. The winner was the artist Piero Gianfranceschi, whose four winning works will be exhibited in our pavilion at Artexpo new York this coming November 18 - 21.

There were a total of 189 finalists (including the winner) our of a total of 751 participants.

As a finalist, you are entitled to exhibit in our space at Artexpo with a 20% discount on the participation fee. Since space is limited, this offer will be valid only until March 12.

If you are interested, I can send you more information and an application form.

I attach for you here your Finalist Certificate. 

Once more, my congratulations!

Thomas Tunberg
5533 Cathedral Oaks Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93111, USA
Tel. (1) 805-770-5136

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